To me, live is one long yoga practice. Just as you think you’ve nailed it, your teacher tells you to move your leg somewhere new or you find out that all of it can be done upside down. You might even crash and fall hundreds of times and the practice is to get back up, wipe the dust off and try another strategy.

You can find my yoga classes through the following pages:

Børneyogahulen (kids yoga 2-11 years old) ♥ teenYOGAspace (12-18 years old) ♥ Yoga in Uganda ♥

I teach weekly classes, workshops, electives at schools, private classes, private meditation sessions (parents and teens) with a focus on building confidence and finding the inner light and letting it shine through everything we do.

My journey so far

My journey with yoga started when I was 19. I remember how much I laughed inside (and sometimes outside) because I had to take my socks off and because the teacher was this elastic super-human who could jump his feet in the air and stay there. I still remember what he looked like and maybe even his voice. I kept coming to class and noticed how my body started feeling better, I also noticed that when I skipped class, my temper was bad and I couldn’t focus while studying. This was the beginning of a life-long journey that I had NOT seen coming.

My first education was a bachelor’s degree from Copenhagen Business School, studying International Marketing and Business English. I was aiming for some top position somewhere as you can see. My second degree was a Master’s degree from the very same school, studying Business Communication and learning to understand the power of communication and basically trying to figure out how this power could be used to make people do what I want them to do…. Still working on that… Haha.

Life took an unexpected turn in 2010 and left me stuck at home with a severe concussion and whiplash and PLENTY of time to wonder, contemplate and rethink what I was doing and where I was heading. At one point during the 2-ish years it took to get back on my feet, I realised that I had forgotten who I was when I was a child. I had forgotten my playfulness, my eagerness to test my body, climb trees and explore. I had educated myself to sit in a chair and look at a computer screen.

This is when I started searching for a new education. Something I could do without having to use the computer very much and something that would make me happier than ever. Kids yoga came up. I googled it, found a course and enrolled that same day.

Since then, I have completed a 90 hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training, the Connected Kids™ meditation course, a yoga therapy for children with special needs course and Sianna Sherman’s 300 hour Rasa Yoga Teacher Training. I have founded two small businesses offering kids yoga and teenyoga in Denmark and am in the leading committee of a growing yoga project in Uganda.

My partner from ASHWA (Alliance for Sustainable Health and Wealth in Africa) Eric Omondi and me on top of Tororo Rock.

My partner from ASHWA (Alliance for Sustainable Health and Wealth in Africa) Eric Omondi and me on top of Tororo Rock.