Worries grow small….. if you let them wait!


This post is inspired by my mind. It fascinates me time and time again. And by Piet Hein.

I have a poem hanging on my toilet wall. It is written by a famous Danish poet called Piet Hein. I don’t know the exact story about him (maybe I should have listened more carefully in school), but he has written numerous short poems that all are small reminders of how to live a better and more happy life. The one on my wall goes like this;




en negativ rente:

De voxer sig små

hvis man kan lade dem vente”

(Worries draw negative interests: They grow small, if you can let them wait)

It has proven right for me so many times. Last time was just earlier this week. I have been trying my best not to worry about some stuff at work = I failed badly and ended up with returning headaches and the worst relapse from my concussion and whiplash I have had to date.

That’s why my mind fascinates me. How can it be so strong in wanting to worry that even when I try, I cannot make it stop? Maybe I didn’t try hard enough, or maybe the things I worried about were so serious that my inner strength wasn’t enough to handle the massive effort of my mind.

However, by the end of it all, Piet Hein proved to be right. Something in the Universe – some call it God, Allah, Buddha and what not – made sure that my worries would end. Something proved to me that if I had been able to stop my mind from worrying, I could have saved myself a lot of pain. And we’re talking about real, physical, horrible, seems-like-it-will-never-end kind of pain.

So… I want you to help me with something. Next time I worry (and let you know about it), remind me that it isn’t worth it. Remind me that my mind is able to build an exaggerated illusion of future events and shed layers of negative light on them – and that reality rarely turns out to be as I imagine. Remind me that life is going on right now. Not tomorrow or next year. I may wonder what life will be like next year, but I will not in my wildest imagination be able to foresee it – luckily.

Not worrying and starting to take action to change the cause of my worries always turn out to be far better options. So tell me to speak my mind and I promise I will.

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