Will a list of resolutions make me happier?


This post is inspired by my friend Anne who has a blog about yoga and what it does for her life. When she turned 32, she made a list of 32 things to do in her 32nd year that would make her even happier. She has accomplished quite a few of her resolutions already and judging from her big smile every time I see her, I tend to think it might work!!

My list is 29 things I want to do in my 29th year because I think focusing on these resolutions or points or what you may call them, will make my life more full in a way. I am sharing them with you, because you may actually be able to help me accomplish some of the points. You may be REALLY funny and able to make me laugh all the time, or you may wanna beat me in tennis the first time and get your ass kicked afterwards. Whatever it is, give me a shout! I would love to hear your feedback…


  1. Get my blog up and running again
  2. Sports – either enroll in a new activity or do more sports with others
  3. Play more
  4. Sew more stuff
  5. Get massage or wellness treatments at least 6 times this year
  6. Go on a summer holiday with my friend (you know who you are) somewhere non of us have been before
  7. Go on a yoga retreat
  8. X*
  9. Seek to be with people who make me laugh
  10. Avoid places, people and situations that make me angry, sad, worried or insecure
  11. Take a walk at least 2 times a week
  12. Meditate regularly
  13. Experiences at least two new places in the world
  14. Prioritise those who prioritise me
  15. Write long letters to people I love and miss
  16. Seek to be in a job that covers my needs more than anything
  17. Engage myself in something that involves other people and fighting together for a good cause
  18. Read positive literature every night before I go to sleep
  19. Join at least one cultural, creative or artistic event every month
  20. Start a ‘things I appreciate’ diary
  21. Be more spontaneous
  22. Do things for myself – buy myself flowers and gifts and spoil myself
  23. Build my muse
  24. Participate in or join networks covering subjects I thrive for
  25. Work actively with self-respect and respect for others in all my relations
  26. Choose my battles
  27. See and welcome love in my daily life <3 caring, smiles, warmth, understanding, presence, happiness etc.
  28. Create something – big or small
  29. Rediscover my drive and passion and live it out


*one point on the list is called ‘x’ because it is too personal to go live….



  1. Hvor er det en skøn liste, Kiri. Jeg håber du får rigtig mange gode oplevelser på baggrund af den! 🙂

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