Who’s responsible, really???


This post took place in my head a few weeks ago when I started actually listening to the radio commercials… I started wondering if advertising agencies, companies and ordinary people feel they have no responsbilty for the road society is taking?

If your neck hurts, do you then think a pill will fix it and make it stop coming back? If your marriage is boring, do you think having an affair makes it any better? And do you actually need some stupid hand-made basket from Kenya before you want to support the hungry?

Well, I was taking a short walk with my friend the other day and started noticing all the stupid little things NGO’s produce for people to buy them and thereby support their cause. They’ve read their ‘customers’ well, I guess.. I am just thinking… What you do need another basket for? Do you need it to show other people that you have a good heart? In that case, I can come up with quite a few other ways to show your heart’s nature…….!

For me, all this has to do with common sense and respect for the globe we live on, the other people who live on it and the people who will live here when we’ve left.. So if you wake up one morning, looking at your wife through 25 years and don’t feel joy and love for her, I think the most respectful thing to do is to let her have a wonderful rest of her life as a free person. The least respectful thing to do would be to cheat on her, leaving her to look like a fool, not having room for love in your heart for her. And this is where I start questioning how somebody (most likely more than one person) can decide to make a forum promoting affairs if your marriage is dying… Is it society that needs this forum? Or is it the founders of this forum who are manipulating people into thinking about their selfish needs?

Things don’t just happen. Neck pains are there because something is wrong in your back or neck or somewhere else in your body. Affairs happen because of selfishness or because love and respect have flown away. Pain does not go away because you take a pill and pollute your body.

Do we want a society where we don’t respect each other?

Do we want to support pill-society and keep eating pills to take the symptoms in stead of treating the cause?

Now that our society is primarily driven by consumers, think about WHY you do things next time you take a pain-killer, desperately need to have sex with your best friend’s wife or feel sympathy with disadvantages people.

You can do things differently. You can do things from your heart.

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