Want your New Year’s resolutions to end up in the bin


You probably know the euphoric feeling you get while setting goals. You see it all in your mind and almost experience how it must feel to be in that place. You write the goals down, promise yourself that you will hold yourself up to them, and 2 months later your list is in the bottom of your drawer and happily forgotten.

I think we’ve all tried that, haven’t we?

Well, there is a reason to this.
There are a few, actually, but one of them is this…
As you may have heard, we have two sides of the brain. In most human beings, the left side is the structured and rational one, it loves everything that makes sense and can be put into order like numbers, grammar and reasoning. We usually use this side for goal setting. But only this side.

Most commonly, the right side of the brain is the dreamer and holds our imagination, it loves being creative, it is musical, loves colors and feelings. It is this side of the brain that can keep us going when we passionately strive towards something, but without damaging the body and brain in the meantime. This part of the brain is not realistic at all. It just dreams away and flies off on a cloud.

Effective goal setting involves both sides of the brain

If I only use my left side of the brain to set goals, I let my logic and rationality rule. I might wish for something awesome to happen, but when it comes down to my list of goals, most of them will be within reach, realistically. They will be ordinary, boring goals with no passion or emotion whatsoever linked to them. I will work towards them, because they make sense to me as I am progressing through life. NOTE that this is not necessarily a bad thing..

If I only set goals with the right side of my brain – oh my, that would get interesting! I would be dreaming off and getting caught in every new impulse and just run after it until another one caught my attention. I would be full of love and just let the wind take me with no structure and no sense of rationality. NOTE that this is not entirely a bad thing either.

Most people tend to use one side of the brain more than the other

You most likely already have an idea about which side of the brain you tend to use the most. I definitely do. Either way or whatever side you feel is stronger, we need both. BOTH. One of them is not better than the other. period.

But for some reason, we usually only use the left side for goal setting. Hmmm..

Goal Mapping activates both sides of the brain

Brian Mayne came up with a system that puts an end to this madness! It’s called Goal Mapping, and because it works really well for me, I decided to become a practitioner and am now certified to teach this to you. Pretty cool!

I am giving a free introduction to this on 9 January 10.00-11.00 and I will teach the entire system to you on 24 January 10.00-17.00. To sign up, please drop me an email.

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