Value 8 – Impact, Accomplishment and Recognition


This group of posts are meant as inspiration and motivation for you to work on making your values and goals achievable. Sometimes we want something for ourselves, but we set the bar so high that we strive all our lives and never seem to be able to reach our goals. I don’t want to spend my life striving for something that I may reach when Im 80 when I can change the wording and enjoy reaching it everyday. I’ll tell you how.

In many other countries, people find no reason to hide their eagerness to succeed, have impact and accomplish great things. In Denmark, I feel, people would rather blend in and take part in the (in my eyes terrifying) mediocre life of getting a job from 9-5, getting a house, a car, a dog and two children. Risking not being able to show up at the 10-year reunion with your high-school class and say you made it, makes people blend in and strive for ‘alright’.

Most people may think that ‘alright’ and blending in is an accomplishment in it itself and they do indeed get recognised for achieving those things. For me, having an impact means that I am part of a greater plan. That I, at the end of the day, have put a few foot prints on earth. It means making the world a better place, even if I only manage to start with ME.

Accomplishment is important to me. I feel highly satisfied when I manage to create what I dreamt of. It gives me energy to continue and accomplish new things – or at least working towards it. Therefore, I also do what I can to support other people who want to accomplish things. I also remember to recognise other people’s hard work or positive attitude, because it fills my life with accomplishment and recognition.

I live my value Impact, Accomplishment and Recognition whenever I involve myself in projects or events that aim to have an impact, whenever I take a step towards finishing something I started and whenever I recognise something other people are working on, their efforts or simply recognise them for being as they are.

Hence, valuing impact, accomplishment and recognition doesn’t have to mean that I need to push myself to make an obvious impact everyday. It doesn’t mean that I am a failure if I don’t accomplish new things all the time and it doesn’t mean that I have to wait for other people to recognise my efforts, my projects or me in order to fill my world with recognition.

As Ghandi said; ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. Karma comes back to you. Don’t worry.

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