Value 5 – Love


This group of posts are meant as inspiration and motivation for you to work on making your values and goals achievable. Sometimes we want something for ourselves, but we set the bar so high that we strive all our lives and never seem to be able to reach our goals. I don’t want to spend my life striving for something that I may reach when Im 80 when I can change the wording and enjoy reaching it everyday. I’ll tell you how.

Until recent years, I always thought that love was something I could only get from or give to other people. I thought I needed to find a person who could fill my need for love, as if everyone was walking around with a container for love. Sometimes it was full and sometimes empty. This feeling has made me desperate at times.

This was before I realised that love is so much more. For me, love is in everything. Everything comes from love. We are all made of love. Love is not only something I can give to others or others can give to me. Love is something I hold inside. I don’t need anybody else to make me feel loved and fill my container. Feeling that way disempowers people. It makes them feel less worthy and makes them feel like they have to do something or be in a certain way to deserve love.

How can you need to deserve what you are made of? You are. You are love. I am love. We are love. We are worthy and amazing just the way we are. We are all unique and if we try to be like someone else, we lose ourselves.

I do not need to stand around and wait for someone to love me. I love myself and through this love to myself I can love everything about everyone around me. I have room for other people’s flaws and insecurities only when I have room for my own.

I live my value Love whenever I do something for others, whenever I do something for myself and whenever I remember that everything is made of love. I live my value Love whenever I do something through love and whenever I help others to feel joy or comfort or follow their heart.

In all situations I seek to empower myself and I seek to avoid letting circumstances or other people dictate how I should feel. I take charge of my life and my reality by choosing not to just respond to my surroundings, but actively decide what to focus on.

I am. Two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.’ – Louise L. Hay

I am love.

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