March 2, 2014
by Kiri Weimann

Value 5 – Love

This group of posts are meant as inspiration and motivation for you to work on making your values and goals achievable. Sometimes we want something for ourselves, but we set the bar so high that we strive all our lives and never seem to be able to reach our goals. I don’t want to spend my life striving for something that I may reach when Im 80 when I can change the wording and enjoy reaching it everyday. I’ll tell you how.

Until recent years, I always thought that love was something I could only get from or give to other people. I thought I needed to find a person who could fill my need for love, as if everyone was walking around with a container for love. Sometimes it was full and sometimes empty. This feeling has made me desperate at times.

This was before I realised that love is so much more. For me, love is in everything. Everything comes from love. We are all made of love. Love is not only something I can give to others or others can give to me. Love is something I hold inside. I don’t need anybody else to make me feel loved and fill my container. Feeling that way disempowers people. It makes them feel less worthy and makes them feel like they have to do something or be in a certain way to deserve love.

How can you need to deserve what you are made of? You are. You are love. I am love. We are love. We are worthy and amazing just the way we are. We are all unique and if we try to be like someone else, we lose ourselves.

I do not need to stand around and wait for someone to love me. I love myself and through this love to myself I can love everything about everyone around me. I have room for other people’s flaws and insecurities only when I have room for my own.

I live my value Love whenever I do something for others, whenever I do something for myself and whenever I remember that everything is made of love. I live my value Love whenever I do something through love and whenever I help others to feel joy or comfort or follow their heart.

In all situations I seek to empower myself and I seek to avoid letting circumstances or other people dictate how I should feel. I take charge of my life and my reality by choosing not to just respond to my surroundings, but actively decide what to focus on.

I am. Two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.’ – Louise L. Hay

I am love.

February 24, 2014
by Kiri Weimann

Ownership and Solidarity and their roles in poverty matters…..

The other night something rare happened. It hasn’t happened for a long long time, but for some reason I switched on the TV. It was Saturday and every Saturday one of the Danish channels have ‘theme night’. This evening was about welfare. Ever since I turned off the TV on Saturday, one episode has been coming back to my mind and I want to try to express my concern about it trying not to judge or point fingers – or sound like a cold monster. I want to make you think about it a bit. 

The episode is on a bus. They gathered a group of 10 people from many different layers of society and through the show asked them to cut down 15 billion kroner on welfare. It was a constructed situation and politicians would never be forced to make decisions like that, but something interesting happened.

A young female student was asked how she felt about the government support many people receive (kontanthjælp). She said that she thinks there should be an incentive to work. The amount given to people should be so low that they would want to work to get a better life. The reporter then asked her if she would have the courage to say that if one of these people was right in front of her. She would.

…..and she did. After a discussion about where to cut millions, she was dared to tell another member of the group how she felt. His answer was: ‘I can only say one thing, solidarity’.

My concern in this is that whenever I hear receivers of this support make statements in the news, none of them seem to want to get out of it. They only complain about how little they get and that it is hard to make a living that way. It seems to me as if they have stopped taking ownership of their own happiness and life letting it all out on welfare. It seems like they can just draw the ‘solidarity card’ and then all other arguments will make people look like cruel, selfish monsters in stead of healthy, proactive beings trying to give them a way out.

I know that a group of these people are actually suffering from mental illness or have other needs that the ‘system’ doesn’t recognise. I have been on government support when I was sick and you wouldn’t hear me complain. I was so thankful that our welfare system spread out a safety net and caught me – and the amount I got was more than sufficient. No, I couldn’t go out for dinner in a fancy restaurant or buy new clothes and things every week. Of course not. The idea with government support is and should be to support for a short while until people get back on their feet.

I often wonder why the government keeps giving people fish in stead of teaching them to catch fish. I personally don’t think that this is about saving money on income transfers or anywhere else for that matter. I think this is about helping people find their unique potential and empower them to develop and grow, teach them confidence and show them that there is a way – a better way.

February 23, 2014
by Kiri Weimann

Value 6 – Passion

This group of posts are meant as inspiration and motivation for you to work on making your values and goals achievable. Sometimes we want something for ourselves, but we set the bar so high that we strive all our lives and never seem to be able to reach our goals. I don’t want to spend my life striving for something that I may reach when Im 80 when I can change the wording and enjoy reaching it everyday. I’ll tell you how.

I see people everyday walking around with their heads down, shoulders forward looking like nothing matters to them. I see people with angry faces walking down the street with no aim for their anger – it’s just the way their face is used to look. I guess it has become a habit.

Luckily, I see people with fire in their eyes too. I see people who can’t sit still because they strive for what they do and they are excited as little kids about the difference they are making. They keep their heads up and shoulders back and their lips in a perfect, honest, deep smile. These are the passionate people. I find them in every corner of society. Teachers, Coffee Makers, Entrepreneurs, Designers, Business Men, Students, Artists, Sales People – you name it.

Passion is powerful. Passion can move mountains and create fairytales in real life.

For me, passion is inside of me. Just around my solar plexus I feel this vibrating feeling that spreads out through my body to my hands and feet. It makes me feel alive and it makes me creative in finding a way even when it looks impossible. Because that’s another thing about passionate people. Even if they did have one of those days where everything seemed far too complicated and most things went wrong, they would never take their heads down, they would never let their shoulders pop forward.

I live my value Passion whenever it tickles in my tummy, whenever I keep my head high, whenever I can’t help doing something because it excites me and whenever I feel like singing out loud from pure happiness.

Passion makes my wheels go ’round. I need it like a drug. I am fortunate to know a bunch of other addicts too and my network keeps increasing. If you haven’t been in a passionate setting yet, I can recommend it. Find some people who share your passion or have passions of their own. It is awesome and I promise you will leave with your head up, shoulders back and an urge to sing out loud.

February 16, 2014
by Kiri Weimann

Value 7 – Openness and Understanding

This group of posts are meant as inspiration and motivation for you to work on making your values and goals achievable. Sometimes we want something for ourselves, but we set the bar so high that we strive all our lives and never seem to be able to reach our goals. I don’t want to spend my life striving for something that I may reach when Im 80 when I can change the wording and enjoy reaching it everyday. I’ll tell you how.

Being open to others is not a big effort for me, but it is very important. Having lived and traveled in many parts of the world, I have met all kinds of people and made friends across culture, nationality, religion, skin color and political understanding. Had I not been open minded, I would not have had the close relationships I have today with some of my best friends in the world.

I remember a class in Singapore when my two, now very dear, friends and I were in charge of editing all of our classmates’ reports and compile it all to one coherent project. We had taken a pile each and met to discuss our corrections. This was my first real confrontation with my Scandinavian straight-forward mindset and I will never forget it. They told me to wrap my words and put it lightly, not just tell the student straight out that using wikipedia as an academic source is not acceptable. I was baffled at first, but it was a huge learning experience as to navigating in Asia and working with Asian people. Had I been closed minded, I would probably had said ‘well, this is the way I do it, learn to live with it’ – and the two wonderful darlings would not have been my friends to this day.

You see, it’s not just about being open to others, it has to do with what you seek in the interaction. Late Steven Covey talks about it too in his book ‘7 habits of highly effective people’. He says ‘Seek first to understand, then to be understood’. There is almost always a reason for people’s reactions and the reasons can be very hard to guess. If you keep asking until you truly understand the other person, you can avoid many disputes along the way.

Personally, I live my value Openness and Understanding whenever I meet other people with an open mind without judging and without labelling them. I also live this value whenever I seek to understand another person’s actions or words before I judge any behavior or exclamation.

Even though being open minded and seeking to understand comes quite natural to me, I value it in my life and practise it everyday. It has made me a more soft and loving person and I hardly ever find a reason to push my opinion through. Try practising it, it may open doors or give you interesting experiences while you’re at it.

February 10, 2014
by Kiri Weimann

Value 8 – Impact, Accomplishment and Recognition

This group of posts are meant as inspiration and motivation for you to work on making your values and goals achievable. Sometimes we want something for ourselves, but we set the bar so high that we strive all our lives and never seem to be able to reach our goals. I don’t want to spend my life striving for something that I may reach when Im 80 when I can change the wording and enjoy reaching it everyday. I’ll tell you how.

In many other countries, people find no reason to hide their eagerness to succeed, have impact and accomplish great things. In Denmark, I feel, people would rather blend in and take part in the (in my eyes terrifying) mediocre life of getting a job from 9-5, getting a house, a car, a dog and two children. Risking not being able to show up at the 10-year reunion with your high-school class and say you made it, makes people blend in and strive for ‘alright’.

Most people may think that ‘alright’ and blending in is an accomplishment in it itself and they do indeed get recognised for achieving those things. For me, having an impact means that I am part of a greater plan. That I, at the end of the day, have put a few foot prints on earth. It means making the world a better place, even if I only manage to start with ME.

Accomplishment is important to me. I feel highly satisfied when I manage to create what I dreamt of. It gives me energy to continue and accomplish new things – or at least working towards it. Therefore, I also do what I can to support other people who want to accomplish things. I also remember to recognise other people’s hard work or positive attitude, because it fills my life with accomplishment and recognition.

I live my value Impact, Accomplishment and Recognition whenever I involve myself in projects or events that aim to have an impact, whenever I take a step towards finishing something I started and whenever I recognise something other people are working on, their efforts or simply recognise them for being as they are.

Hence, valuing impact, accomplishment and recognition doesn’t have to mean that I need to push myself to make an obvious impact everyday. It doesn’t mean that I am a failure if I don’t accomplish new things all the time and it doesn’t mean that I have to wait for other people to recognise my efforts, my projects or me in order to fill my world with recognition.

As Ghandi said; ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. Karma comes back to you. Don’t worry.

February 2, 2014
by Kiri Weimann

Value 9 – Spontaneity and Freedom

This group of posts are meant as inspiration and motivation for you to work on making your values and goals achievable. Sometimes we want something for ourselves, but we set the bar so high that we strive all our lives and never seem to be able to reach our goals. I don’t want to spend my life striving for something that I may reach when Im 80 when I can change the wording and enjoy reaching it everyday. I’ll tell you how.

In order to feel alive, I need to be able to be spontaneous and I need to be free. I didn’t really think about this before I suddenly had 2 years to think and reconsider my life. Not many people get the chance to actually stop and think. We run through life believing that we are following our hearts, but at some point we may find out that what we thought was our heart talking was societal norms and a need to be recognised by all the other people around us.

That’s sort of what I have experienced.

I found myself making rules for myself to fit into the boxes around me. It didn’t feel right. Sitting there in my quiet apartment alone for several hours a day, taking walks in nature, enjoying a few moments of pain-free time once in a while, I realised that I wouldn’t be able to change myself to fit into the boxes. Even if I tried. I have always known that I wanted something else out of life. I just never knew what and how to get there. I still don’t. But I try everyday to be free.

I have learned to listen to my heart and I practise all the time to actually do what it tells me. We spend a lot of time training our minds to be strong and to set up arguments and reasons for our actions, sometimes it gets so strong that it wins arguments with the heart. I know now that my heart speaks the truth and that if I listen to it, it will take me where ever I need to be. I am exactly where I need to be.

I live my value Spontaneity and Freedom whenever I follow my heart, whenever I stop planning and take things as they come, and whenever I throw myself into the unknown.

Being spontaneous can be quite scary at times and the mind sometimes tells you to do it differently. My mind often yells loudly trying to make me plan things, it works hard to make sure that I have people around me and that I am sure to stay financially stabile. It thinks that the only way to do that is through planning and setting life up into boxes just like everyone else does.

My heart doesn’t agree. It is free.

January 26, 2014
by Kiri Weimann

Value 10 – Adventure and Creativity

This group of posts are meant as inspiration and motivation for you to work on making your values and goals achievable. Sometimes we want something for ourselves, but we set the bar so high that we strive all our lives and never seem to be able to reach our goals. I don’t want to spend my life striving for something that I may reach when Im 80 when I can change the wording and enjoy reaching it everyday. I’ll tell you how.

Imagine my value Adventure and Creativity. Some may think that they would be successful in living this value if they went on an off-track ten-day trekking in Amazonas or made a never-seen-before type of dress and had it displayed at a fashion show in Paris. Setting goals like that for yourself is not empowering and you risk losing touch with your actual purpose of doing those things if you have to save up for a ticket to Brazil first or have to work harder than hard learning about fashion before you can even start thinking about the dress.

Which is why Anthony Robbins created this empowering perspective on your values that I have used and highly recommend you to work on.

I live my value, Adventure and Creativity, whenever I take a break to think things through. Whenever I have butterflies in my stomach. Whenever I accept a challenge and whenever I play.  

It can be quite simple. I get all my good ideas when I take breaks to think and let my thoughts fly. I get butterflies when I am excited about something – which means that it is an adventure of some sort that I am engaging in.

Try it out.

January 26, 2014
by Kiri Weimann

How did those resolutions go….

Last year on my birthday, I made a list of 29 things I wanted to do in my 29 th year to make me happier. I must admit, I didn’t consult it as regularly as I could have, but I think that making it made me uncontiously make the decisions that moved towards living up to it.

I can proudly announce that I have definitely lived up to 19 out of 29. Still working actively on 9 others, on which I almost lived up to quite a few of those too. The last one, I kind of lived up to and it may actually be a home run too.

I think, above all, the list helped me focus my attention on the things that make me happy rather than financially stabile, socially popular or ‘successful’. During the past year, I have actually consulted the list a few times when I had to make a decision or a hard choice. I often ask myself: ‘Will this make me happy?’, or ‘Is this situation making me angry, sad, worried or insecure?’.

After making the list, I was reading Anthony Robbins – Awakening The Giant Within. Many of the exercises in his book helps to sharpen your awareness about who you are, where you want to go and what you want to focus on in your life. One of those exercises is about discovering your values and making them into empowering values instead of a list of states that feel impossible to reach.

I want to share my list with you. Once a week for the next ten weeks, I will post a description of one of my values from the bottom up and share my success criteria to live up to the particular value. Making this list of values and success criteria made a shift in the way I perceive my values and my life. For instance, if one of my values was ‘love’, it would not be successfully achieved only the day I find the perfect man who lives up to all my crazy standards. I live love if I show love to other people, if I tell others I love them or if I help people who can do nothing for me.

Stay tuned.

You can already read about my 10th value.

November 23, 2013
by Kiri Weimann

Let your enthusiasm lead the way

This post came to me late one evening after a wonderful Christmas event with my inspiring kids yoga colleagues. It has been on its way for a while, but I think a remark this evening trickered my flow. 

During the past 6-9 months I have truly experienced what it means to trust my instinct, go with the flow and trust that all the things I want and aim for will come to me if I let go. I let go completely. I lost my monthly income, my ‘safety net’, or what I thought was my safety net. I was thrown into a choice head first. Should I find another pillow to rest on and postpone living my true potential – again – or should I go for it, take a chance and let go of the control?

Guess what….? It has been, and still is, a remarkable journey. I haven’t had a monthly income for almost 6 months now and Im still alive!!!! WOW! Hey, it’s possible! Everything will flow to you if you let go and follow your heart. It’s not a lie! Seriously! I feel that I have found the right path, that this path will take me towards fulfilling my true potential and living fully every second of every minute of every day. I can rest here, if I let myself rest.

Some might think that letting go means not to do anything, not to try, not to take responsibility, but this is the exact opposite. Following your heart and your emotions means constantly looking for situations that make you happy and enthusiastic. We need that flow of the heart in order to feel good and let it lead us in the right direction.

I have noticed quite many, if not the majority of the other people in my yoga studio running in at the last minute, looking all tight in their faces until they make it to the yoga mat where the teacher tells them to smile. Some even find it difficult on the mat and keep the tight face on throughout the classes. After yoga, they hastily pack up their things and hurry out the door – the tight face on again. But hey, they’re there to learn to leave it. Leave the mad world of expectations. Just be. Some succeed for 90 minutes, some more – some less.

What makes it so hard for people to grasp the moment? To stop for a second to observe what is happening around you? Notice the sounds in your ears, smells in your nose, feelings in your body. Just a few years ago, I never did that. Never. I ran through my days at a dangerously high speed and if something came in my way or delayed my plan, I would be focused on getting on track and setting my speed a little higher next time in case of future delays. I couldn’t stand being early. I felt that being early was a waste of time.

Back then I hadn’t practised. Stillness. Mindfulness. Attention. Meditation. I didn’t know that one of the benefits of letting the mind rest would be an endless stream of exceptionally good ideas that would spur my enthusiasm. I didn’t know that stillness could lead me to a life with ongoing and never-ending passion for what I do. I thought it had to be a project. I thought I had to strive and fight and go through tiring jobs with angry bosses and dissatisfied customers and colleagues in order to reach my ‘goal’. But what was the goal? Did I even have one?

I do dream and I do have goals – sort of. I picture in my mind what I would like. Sometimes I say it out loud. Mainly, I let time show me the way. The picture in my head is not necessarily the way Im going. Something may come along and take me down a new stream and if I don’t cling to my dream or the picture in my mind, I will be able to enjoy the ride. Experience it instead of hoping to either get out of it, if it’s uncomfortable, or stay in it forever, if it makes me feel good.

So, Im not saying you should jump around in a happy bubble for the rest of your life thinking that some saint will come save you when you run out of money. Life has bumps on the way and you need food on the table. What I am saying is; enjoy whatever it is. If you don’t enjoy making your money the way you do right now, find out how you can do that. It might mean leaving behind years of schooling, years of experience, but in the end it will pay off.


July 23, 2013
by Kiri Weimann

Are you going for comfortable or AWESOME?

In this post, I will try to explain my view on freedom and life. At least this is the view I have developed the past few years and one that I am now deeply in love with. I will never go back. I will continuously practise getting even better at choosing freedom and creating and mastering my own life. 

Quite often I wonder what makes most people work for others. When you are young and need to make money, it makes sense. When you burn for a cause like human rights, teaching, child safety or other humanitarian or political causes, I get it too. Many jobs like that make sense, but I simply don’t understand why some people spend most of their waking hours on something like promoting a new chocolate bar that some rich dude came up with in order to make more money than he already has.

It is my nature to seek understanding and to some extend I do understand. I have been this young career oriented energy ball that knew only one way – up. I was working my butt off trying to please, trying to create results, trying to fix things and exceed people’s expectations. I would start my day checking emails over breakfast, rushing to meetings, being pulled at from all directions, having to keep my status as first choice on my handball team, staying fit for all the wrong reasons and taking up discussions that could have been avoided.

I thought I was having fun. I thought I was doing what Kiri deep inside wanted to do. I thought it was my nature to always argue and stand my ground trying to change people’s minds. I even got really angry with my close friends when they told me to pick my battles. I took all of them on. All of them.

I think the tendencies get more evident during holiday season. At least in Denmark. There is this change of air in some way. People smile more, have more time to play, more time to help other people out, more time to see their friends, more energy to enjoy life. It seems like people feel free. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it could be like that every day?

I guess some of you are thinking that I am being unrealistic. I have been called a dreamer many times, but guess what? I feel this freedom every day now. I have made a conscious decision to value health and peace of mind, happiness and fun, honesty, optimism, love, passion, openness and understanding, impact, accomplishment and recognition, spontaneity and freedom, and adventure and creativity. I am allowing myself to feel all this and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I guess my point is that it seems like too many people follow the norms of society saying you get a good life if you; get an education, find a job, find a spouse, buy a car, buy a house, get a dog, get 2-3 children, work 9-5 etc. On the way, passion fades away. What happened to adventure? What happened to following your heart? Is this 9-5 job that only allows for happiness and freedom 3-5 weeks a year the only way you will ever be able to make money? Are you going for comfortable or AWESOME?

I know that following your dreams can be pretty scary. I am doing it right now and I keep trusting my instinct, trusting my ideas. And I’ll tell you a little secret. I have not been this happy and calm since I was a little child playing in the woods. I am certain that things will work out. Everything in life is abundant and it will come to you if you trust in it.

My friend posted this article the other day: What dying people regret the most (in Danish). If my post didn’t convince you, this article may do the trick.. Be true to yourself, work less, express your emotions, have fun with your friends and just be happy!

Good luck and happy holidays..