Mainstream Medical Paradigms vs. Ancient Chinese Methods


I was inspired to write this post while I was talking to my Chinese doctor before my treatment today. I have been wanting to make my views clear about this for a while – actually ever since I experienced how Chinese Medicin works on my own body. 

These days I am gaining more and more insight into the health and medical industry – well, yes, it is an industry. It is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world. People get sick all the time and there will always be helpless and ignorant patients who will do or eat whatever the doctor says will help. As my Chinese doctor said today: “The hospitals have to give patients medicine, if they didn’t what would the patients be there for?”.

Medicine for……. what?

When my father went to hospital for the last time, I remember how the nurses and doctors gave him loads of medicine. Something for the pain, something for digestion (of what? He hadn’t eaten for weeks), something to stablise his heart rythm, something to neutralise acid in his stomach causing ulcers (but wait, wasn’t it all the pills that were causing this?) – you get the picture, right? Don’t get me wrong, I understand why and on which grounds they did it. I understand that in their perspective there was a need for all this medicine.


What if the doctor many years ago had been looking for the cause of my father’s heart fibrillation in stead of giving him pills to stabilise it? What if the doctors had told him to cut down on e.g. fatty cheeses, alcohol and empty carbohydrates long before he was diagnosed with diabetes in stead of observing him passively and once the diagnose was in place, start treating it. What if doctors, just like my Chinese doctor, would be advising their patients on their diets and lifestyle?

…..oh, right. We don’t get into each other’s business, do we?

It’s all about balancing

I have been listening a lot to what is going on behind the curtains in my Chinese doctor’s small clinic. Lying there pinned up with needles, there’s not much else to do. There are elderly people being treated (and cured) for arthritis, low blood pressure, pain in muscles and bones, and there are young people with allergies, digestion issues like myself, insomnia, stress – you name it. No matter what issues the patient has, Ancient Chinese Medicine believes that it comes from an unbalance in your system (the system being a combination of the physical, energetic, mental and spiritual). This unbalance can be something that has slowly developed over time or it might be a certain life event that has been the tipping point.

The thing is, if it is an unbalance, it can get into balance again.

Getting into balance may take a while if the unbalance has built up over time or if the life event was drastic. For me, I am still getting there. It does take time, but I have been at stages where I felt in balance and I believe that this balance-thing works far better than painkillers, ‘happy-pills’ and acid-neutralisers. I have felt it work. Acid forms because you’re out of balance or because you eat or drink something you shouldn’t. Pain is your body telling you that something is wrong – and you better listen and find out what it is in stead of shutting the body up with a pill and ignoring it.

What your taste-buds want vs. what your body needs

You knew I was gonna get to this point sometime, didn’t you? Don’t worry, I am still struggling with this daily too and as long as we don’t gorge hamburgers and cakes everyday, I am sure we’ll be fine. It is all a balance, right?

Let’s say you had a dog, some of you may have dogs, actually. You go to the pet shop and they have a blend of dog food which is filled with nutrition perfect for your dog and more or less designed to make your dog’s fur shiny, it’s muscles and bones strong and give it energy and a good digestion. Why don’t you shop this way for yourself? When you go to the supermarket, do you pick organic products, raw food, real food without pesticides, preservatives and E-numbers? Do you consider if the food you are about to buy will make your hair shiny and healthy, your skin glow and your bones strong?

I hope some of you think that way already. I hope all of us will start thinking that way soon. Life without pesticides, preservatives and E-numbers doesn’t have to be boring or less colorful. Many organic brands have started making wonderful products that are affordable and yummy containing real food. Nutrition.

How about that? A snack that is nutritious and not a raw carrot… What do you say?

A note about this Medical Industry stuff

You see, it is one of those endless (hopefully this one has an end somewhere) circles. Hospitals buy medicine from medical companies. Medical companies are funded by investors from e.g. the pesticide industry (okay, I don’t know that, but it is very likely). People eat pesticides and fall sick and end up in a hospital which buy the medicine from…….

I recently had a meeting with two members of a patient association. We talked about pain killers and how we were all against the use of them and knew that our own symptoms had worsened when we were taking the pills. However, in order to be recognised as a reliable patient association in Denmark, it needs to run along the mainstream medical paradigm and finds it impossible to advice against pain killers without being viewed as some alternative hippie-cult and being kept out of the loop in the larger medical brotherhood.

It is one challenging circle we’re in. I would love to hear your views and ideas as to how to change this paradigm.


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