Let your enthusiasm lead the way


This post came to me late one evening after a wonderful Christmas event with my inspiring kids yoga colleagues. It has been on its way for a while, but I think a remark this evening trickered my flow. 

During the past 6-9 months I have truly experienced what it means to trust my instinct, go with the flow and trust that all the things I want and aim for will come to me if I let go. I let go completely. I lost my monthly income, my ‘safety net’, or what I thought was my safety net. I was thrown into a choice head first. Should I find another pillow to rest on and postpone living my true potential – again – or should I go for it, take a chance and let go of the control?

Guess what….? It has been, and still is, a remarkable journey. I haven’t had a monthly income for almost 6 months now and Im still alive!!!! WOW! Hey, it’s possible! Everything will flow to you if you let go and follow your heart. It’s not a lie! Seriously! I feel that I have found the right path, that this path will take me towards fulfilling my true potential and living fully every second of every minute of every day. I can rest here, if I let myself rest.

Some might think that letting go means not to do anything, not to try, not to take responsibility, but this is the exact opposite. Following your heart and your emotions means constantly looking for situations that make you happy and enthusiastic. We need that flow of the heart in order to feel good and let it lead us in the right direction.

I have noticed quite many, if not the majority of the other people in my yoga studio running in at the last minute, looking all tight in their faces until they make it to the yoga mat where the teacher tells them to smile. Some even find it difficult on the mat and keep the tight face on throughout the classes. After yoga, they hastily pack up their things and hurry out the door – the tight face on again. But hey, they’re there to learn to leave it. Leave the mad world of expectations. Just be. Some succeed for 90 minutes, some more – some less.

What makes it so hard for people to grasp the moment? To stop for a second to observe what is happening around you? Notice the sounds in your ears, smells in your nose, feelings in your body. Just a few years ago, I never did that. Never. I ran through my days at a dangerously high speed and if something came in my way or delayed my plan, I would be focused on getting on track and setting my speed a little higher next time in case of future delays. I couldn’t stand being early. I felt that being early was a waste of time.

Back then I hadn’t practised. Stillness. Mindfulness. Attention. Meditation. I didn’t know that one of the benefits of letting the mind rest would be an endless stream of exceptionally good ideas that would spur my enthusiasm. I didn’t know that stillness could lead me to a life with ongoing and never-ending passion for what I do. I thought it had to be a project. I thought I had to strive and fight and go through tiring jobs with angry bosses and dissatisfied customers and colleagues in order to reach my ‘goal’. But what was the goal? Did I even have one?

I do dream and I do have goals – sort of. I picture in my mind what I would like. Sometimes I say it out loud. Mainly, I let time show me the way. The picture in my head is not necessarily the way Im going. Something may come along and take me down a new stream and if I don’t cling to my dream or the picture in my mind, I will be able to enjoy the ride. Experience it instead of hoping to either get out of it, if it’s uncomfortable, or stay in it forever, if it makes me feel good.

So, Im not saying you should jump around in a happy bubble for the rest of your life thinking that some saint will come save you when you run out of money. Life has bumps on the way and you need food on the table. What I am saying is; enjoy whatever it is. If you don’t enjoy making your money the way you do right now, find out how you can do that. It might mean leaving behind years of schooling, years of experience, but in the end it will pay off.


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