Journal 21.02.2010


What is more exhausting that house-hunting? Lydia, my Irish friend, and I have spent the last few days travelling from one apartment or house to the other, trying to find a suitable place near the office and the center, but still affordable as non of us have jobs yet. My god! We definitely chose the wrong week to start searching as Têt holiday is coming up and everything for some reason is more expensive and has to be done RIGHT now…

We have fallen in love with a townhouse close to centre and went there to view it a few days ago. The agent wasn’t there so we couldn’t get any information about the place that day. We arranged a meeting the next day and as she took us around, she was very friendly and nice, but the moment we started talking about the contract, rent and all these things, she suddenly became pushy. She wanted 300 dollars for registration – in Vietnam foreigners need to be registered by the police in the house they live in – which normally costs around 50 dollars. She was insisting to get the payment later the same day, which wasn’t possible and generally wanted the deal signed NOW..

After having the contract read through by a Vietnamese friend, we realised that it will take a while longer. She made a new contract and we will have to go back to negotiations again after têt.. At least non of us are on the street with no home before after têt.. I can stay here as long as I need to which is a great comfort! But it is really exhausting mentally and physically to hunt for housing. You fall in love with a house, have to leave it, find a new house, fall in love, have to leave it.. and on it goes!! Fingers crossed!

Tomorrow I will be going to the Mekong Delta with the family I am staying with. We are visiting their grandparents there. It is going to be such a good experience, I think.. 🙂 I will give an update when I get back to HCMC on Monday..

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