Journal 18.04.2010


What a day! In the good way! We got up at 4.30 in order to be ready for pick-up at the hotel one hour later. We were going to The place where the bride was getting ready and where a lot of other funny rituals and ceremonies were gonna take place. It took about an hour for her to get her make-up done and in the end she looked absolutely divine. She is naturally very beautiful, and with the extra glitter and glam she looked like a fortune! The first ceremony of the day was that Wang, her husband to be, was gonna come to the house and try to get in to carry her out. However, Snow’s, the bride, friends and sister were in the room with her asking him a lot of questions that were translated to me later. The asked him who was gonna do the cooking when they got married, who would do the cleaning and who he would give his money to. If he didn’t give a satisfactory answer, the girls demanded money from him. When he finally made it to the room, he found Snow sitting on the bed in her wedding dress. If I remember correctly the now had to feed each other noodles and egg – which is not the easiest dish to feed someone with chopsticks.. When they were done with that Wang had to find Snow’s shoes that were hidden somewhere under her and under the bed. He now had to carry her down the stairs and into the car and this is where the first part ends.

For the wedding there were a lot of cars driving the many people from ceremony to ceremony. It was really nice as it was raining a bit and it was freezing as f***.

Next ceremony was for Wang to carry Snow into his bed in his parents’ house and they would now be married. We were many people following them from the first place and probably the same amount of people joined us at Wang’s parents’. The line of cars then took us to the hotel were some more ceremonies and lunch was gonna take place. In this tradition, they fire huge confetti bombs instead of throwing rice, which is actually quite ironic when you think about it. However, they did that outside the restaurant where I met a woman who spoke French – very convenient. A little while later, Snow had gotten her hair and dress changed and the next part of the wedding started. They had made up an aisle like in a church and they walked up the ‘aisle’ together in order to get to the stage. On stage the French/Chinese woman held a speech, which she actually repeated in French afterwards just for me!! Amazing! A lot of things were going on at this point and the MC was speaking Chinese, so I had no clue what was going on. But they lit some candles and poured some champagne. They both cried happy tears at one point where they were thanking their parents for bringing them up. All of it was beautiful!

Now there is a thing about Asian weddings that I don’t really like. The couple has to walk to each table while everyone eats and toast with them. This takes a long time with 180 guest (or even more at normal weddings) and they don’t get to sit down and eat with everyone else. Snow and Wang came to our room last (their closest friends had a separate room too) and they were exhausted. They hadn’t eaten for many hours. I guess that’s the way they do it, but I felt a bit sorry for them and I like the way we at Danish weddings all eat together and listen to toasts and speeches all through dinner.

When Snow and Wang had been in our room, we all left and Hong and I went back to our hotel. She fell into a deep sleep immediately and I managed to get some things done online that I really wanted to do! Later in the afternoon, they picked us up again and we went to a restaurant where Wang’s friends had prepared 10 games for him and Snow. Some of the games were really mean, but some of them were just fun. This is actually supposed to be part of the wedding and take place in the room where we had lunch, but the whole ceremony took longer than expected so they decided to do it later. The games included a lot of wasabi, eggs, flour and alcohol, so I guess you can do the maths.. 🙂 We left the restaurant at 22 already because everyone was really tired.

All in all it was a great day!

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