Journal 17.04.2010


After a few days freezing my little behind off in very cold China we had a day of sun and slightly warmer weather today. It is amazing how a few degrees can make you so much more comfortable. When I left you last night I was going out for dinner with family and friends of the soon-to-be-married-again couple. They had gathered her mother, sister and niece, his parents, uncle, aunt, cousin + son and a few friends who have been hanging around with all of us the past few days. We all sat around the classic Chinese round table with the turning middle part. The dishes kept coming – it was amazing and ended up being an uneven fight with my stomach as to how much I was able to stuff in there. I am a true fan of Chinese food, I must admit…

After dinner we went to a HUGE karaoke bar. They had so many halls with small rooms where people sang Chinese songs all night long. They tried to make me sing a song, started out with some American rap song – never gonna happen, and then Ace of Base where I only know the chorus.. Finally Backstreet Boys get down.. They didn’t succeed.. It may be something in my culture, but I simply couldn’t make myself sing into that microphone. I would have felt so stupid and so in the spot-light.. The interesting part is that they do it to enjoy themselves. They wouldn’t care if the room was empty or full. One friend of Wang’s just sat there for a while singing to herself, but into the mike. I find that it crosses my limit of shy-ness whereas they find it perfectly normal..

I got back to the hotel alright – which we, btw, had to change yesterday morning because of some big conference at the other hotel. It wasn’t exactly a good deal for me and Hong. The beds are harder, the room s colder, the shower is older and leaves water all over the bathroom floor, there is no comfortable armchair. So, Hong and I are moving back as soon as the conference ends. 🙂 I had a good night’s sleep obviously, cos I didn’t wake up to have breakfast before 10. This left me with traditional Chinese breakfast which was actually really nice. I had a soup with some soft dumplings inside and it heated me up from the inside – very needed indeed! I was nearly frozen when I woke up.. I found a heat function on the wall now and I hope it will make it bearable tonight..

After having eaten traditional Chinese breakfast, we went for a long walk around the king’s palace – specially invited – or something… It always amazes me how people in the old days lived. The house or chamber og palace or whatever the called, which the king had used as his residence had stone floors and solid wooden furniture. I find it difficult to imagine spending a day there and enjoying myself. Similar to our hotel room, the furniture looks really nice with carvings and everything, but when it comes to usability and comfort, it really doesn’t do the trick for me.. However, we made it through the palace and went shopping. Or at least we did the best we could. I think sports clothes is fashion in Shenyang. I seriously didn’t see many shops that weren’t Nike, Kappa, Fila, Adidas or some Korean or Chinese sports brand, which makes it a bit difficult when you are looking for a plain shirt or blouse. I didn’t succeed, but Hong got some leggings and I got some socks – don’t know how I will ever get those socks around my shoulder, so maybe I will just have to do with the blouse I already have.

Right now, I am trying out the range of ‘chocolate’ bars and cookies I just bought in a small grocery store around the corner. None of it tastes like chocolate. I just finished the chocolate chip cookie and I am a bit afraid that the chocolate milk I bought for breakfast tomorrow (have to be ready for the wedding at 5.30 am) has the same odd wannabe chocolate vague taste to it. At least I will have my wannabe chocolate chip cookies to go with it..

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