Journal 16.04.2010


Time has past so fast. I don’t know where it went and now I’m sitting in a great hotel in the Chinese city Shenyang in the North East part of China. Outside is around 6 degrees (or at least it was last night – hope that it’s slightly warmer during the day). I left my house Wednesday evening to catch a flight in the domestic airport in Ho Chi Minh City reaching Hanoi with the absolute last flight possible as I foresaw a horrible night sleeping like a homeless in the deserted airport.. My flight to China left Thursday morning before they even managed to open the breakfast stalls in the airport. However, airport food has never been the tastiest on earth. Had my dinner in Ho Chi Minh airport and it was probably the worst Singapore noodles I have ever had!

While I was sitting in the airport in Vietnam looking at all the things that were going on, I noticed something that certainly proves the Vietnamese inefficiency in some areas. There were two cleaning ladies emptying dustbins. One of them held the wagon where the big plastic bag was attached – very important job. The other one help an instrument in her hand that she put into the dustbin to catch the garbage. She literally spent hours catching garbage in stead of just changing the plastic bag in the dustbin when it was full. Oh well… If the important women holding the wagon can get paid and not sit in the streets, I guess being inefficient does support some cause.. 🙂

I got to Hanoi fine and walked to the area where my check-in counter for the next morning was. I arranged myself on the comfortable steel benches, laid down, closed my eyes and fell asleep… but not for long. A few minutes later a man was standing beside me trying to force me to wake up. It worked.. he said that they were closing the floor and sent me to the first floor. Thoughts ran through my head, were they gonna close this floor too during the night? I was lucky that they didn’t and I actually got quite a good night’s sleep. My hands holding on to the baggage were eaten by mosquitoes, but besides from that, the steel ended up being quite comfortable.. 😛

After 3 stops and a h*** of a lot of walking around airports trying to find check-in counters I managed to find my fiend Hong in Beijing. It was so nice to see a familiar face and just sit down for a coffee while waiting for the last flight to Shenyang. We were picked up in the airport, had a great dinner and at this very moment, I am sitting covered in a quilt in an armchair… Is there anything better in life? 🙂 Well, time for me to get up and go shopping for some warmer clothes.

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