Journal 07.03.2010


Sitting here on our rooftop terasse looking out on our new neighbourhood. Right now, I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling. It has been a month-long struggle to find this place and finally, I’m here.. We had a small housewarming yesterday which was great… apart from a broken armchair, the house is now back to normal and I really feel at home now. It is a wonderful feeling! Just wonderful!

A lot has happened since I wrote my journal last, I have been very busy and haven’t had time to sit down and reflect about all the things I have experienced. The past few weeks have been mainly job-hunting, house-hunting – and WORK… I have the pleasure of helping our IT boss moving all the content on the old website to the new platform. It takes forever, but I think I am very close to the finish line by now. But when work is all about staring at a computer screen, it makes updating a blog very cumbersome.. I will try to keep it more steady going forward, but my days are turning into a routine and the things I see and experience are not as unfamiliar to me anymore..

Friday was a crazy day… I went for a photo shoot with ‘ Elite Models Management Vietnam’ who had headhunted me outside a fancy bar the weekend before. I was rather sceptic and I think I need to keep the healthy scepticism until I actually get a job.. I got there at 10am, they let me wait for about 10-15 minutes before showing up and taking me to a small, very messy room with pictures of ‘models’ on the walls and a small sofa. They had piles of clothes lying around and it seemed pretty unprofessional to be honest..

Well, they styled me with the most hideous makeup ever. I was a yellowish brown in my face, had drawn-up eyebrows, rouge, eye shadow and lipstick in a thick layer all over my face. I almost couldn’t recognise myself when he took me to the mirror. I felt ridiculous! Oh well, they took me to this dump, where they wanted me to stand on a pile of old bricks and plastic bags and POSE in a model-like fashion (his exact words). He kept trying to put my hands in different positions and making me bend and stretch in the most awkward ways. Clearly not a professional photographer or stylist or photographer assistant hidden in him! We moved on to the next style where they tried to make me pose against a wall. Not exactly the easiest thing to do.. They kept telling me to relax my face and put feelings into it.. If my face is relaxed, where does the feelings show, then?

In the end, we had done about 6 or 7 different styles, one of them turned out pretty nice, I think.. Don’t know about the others. I will definitely post the pictures if I get them!! Well, it was now about 3 pm and I still had a long day ahead of me.. I went home, packed all my things into bags and called a taxi, went to Naoise’s hotel and picked her up to go to our new home. When we arrived, we went looking for an HSBC ATM so that I could take out the money for deposit for both me and Nanna. I finally found one and went back in time to meet up with Scott, my lovely colleague who was helping me check the motorbike that I was gonnna buy… Oh yes, I am the proud owner of a 50 cc Honda cup!!!! I went on my virgin ride to our new house and it went perfectly fine. I am SO Vietnamese…. 🙂

All I need now is a pyjamas that I can wear all day both inside and outside the house – that will complete my current nationality..

I will let you relax your eyes now and go out to find some dinner.. Our neighbourhood has a lot of little restaurants with all types of different dishes.. Absolutely fantastic!

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