How did those resolutions go….


Last year on my birthday, I made a list of 29 things I wanted to do in my 29 th year to make me happier. I must admit, I didn’t consult it as regularly as I could have, but I think that making it made me uncontiously make the decisions that moved towards living up to it.

I can proudly announce that I have definitely lived up to 19 out of 29. Still working actively on 9 others, on which I almost lived up to quite a few of those too. The last one, I kind of lived up to and it may actually be a home run too.

I think, above all, the list helped me focus my attention on the things that make me happy rather than financially stabile, socially popular or ‘successful’. During the past year, I have actually consulted the list a few times when I had to make a decision or a hard choice. I often ask myself: ‘Will this make me happy?’, or ‘Is this situation making me angry, sad, worried or insecure?’.

After making the list, I was reading Anthony Robbins – Awakening The Giant Within. Many of the exercises in his book helps to sharpen your awareness about who you are, where you want to go and what you want to focus on in your life. One of those exercises is about discovering your values and making them into empowering values instead of a list of states that feel impossible to reach.

I want to share my list with you. Once a week for the next ten weeks, I will post a description of one of my values from the bottom up and share my success criteria to live up to the particular value. Making this list of values and success criteria made a shift in the way I perceive my values and my life. For instance, if one of my values was ‘love’, it would not be successfully achieved only the day I find the perfect man who lives up to all my crazy standards. I live love if I show love to other people, if I tell others I love them or if I help people who can do nothing for me.

Stay tuned.

You can already read about my 10th value.

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