Do you support the cutting down of trees? …maybe you do.


On my walk today I came to think of how lucky I am to live in a country where we plant a tree every time one is cut down and where I can choose to buy organic products and live a healthy lifestyle if I want.

Then my thoughts ran to a conversation I had yesterday. My friend who just returned from a long trip in Asia told me about how they cut down forests there. She told me that she was disgusted when she saw a man in the field with a chemical bottle strapped to his back spraying it all over the crops and that she didn’t realise until then that it was that bad. She told me that almost everywhere in Asia ‘organic’ is just not available. I know of a few places where it is, but for the most part I have experienced the same thing all over Asia.

One word keeps resounding in my mind; why? Why?? What creates this need to cut down trees and spray chemicals on our food? Am I supporting this without knowing I am? These are just a few of the things happening, but let’s stick with them to make it easier to comprehend.

If I asked you straight up if you like the idea of all these trees being cut down, you would most likely look at me as if I was from Mars. If I asked you if you support this cutting down of trees, same reaction. Of course you don’t. Right? ……wrong.

Sorry to break it to you, but we are all in this together. Do you ever buy the cheap notebooks in stead of the expensive ones made in bamboo? Do you choose the conventional cucumber over the organic cucumber because it is almost half the price? I know…. You are not rich. You can’t afford to always choose the most sustainable item. Can you? Can you afford not to?

I fall into this trap sometimes too. I forget to think about it and need a notebook, run down to the shop and find myself buying the one half the price. I have made an important decision, though. I have decided never to buy conventionally produced food anymore. It is possible when I shop for myself, but it gets more difficult when eating out. I have to bite my tongue and eat it.

It makes me sad to know that farmers’ children in Argentina are born with birth defects and handicaps because of pesticides in the air. I am speechless when I learn that the pollution in Beijing is so bad that people suffer health risks if they take their children outside in the ‘fresh’ air. I feel like a coward if I close my eyes to all that because the air in my country is clean and because we have moved almost all our polluting factories to China. Pollution is not too far from us, though. It is recommended not to eat more than 100 g per week (or so) of salmon caught in the Danish Sea Kattegat. The sea is polluted by the factories along the cost dying paper white.

Think about it. Everyday, you make a difference. Everybody makes a difference. It is up to you to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.

Could you buy organic food? Do you really need that magazine? Could you recycle it in any way?

Remember, almost all plastic items in the world are made in China. Factories making plastic items pollute and keep Chinese children indoors. Some Chinese children have never seen a blue sky.

It’s up to you.

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