Are you going for comfortable or AWESOME?


In this post, I will try to explain my view on freedom and life. At least this is the view I have developed the past few years and one that I am now deeply in love with. I will never go back. I will continuously practise getting even better at choosing freedom and creating and mastering my own life. 

Quite often I wonder what makes most people work for others. When you are young and need to make money, it makes sense. When you burn for a cause like human rights, teaching, child safety or other humanitarian or political causes, I get it too. Many jobs like that make sense, but I simply don’t understand why some people spend most of their waking hours on something like promoting a new chocolate bar that some rich dude came up with in order to make more money than he already has.

It is my nature to seek understanding and to some extend I do understand. I have been this young career oriented energy ball that knew only one way – up. I was working my butt off trying to please, trying to create results, trying to fix things and exceed people’s expectations. I would start my day checking emails over breakfast, rushing to meetings, being pulled at from all directions, having to keep my status as first choice on my handball team, staying fit for all the wrong reasons and taking up discussions that could have been avoided.

I thought I was having fun. I thought I was doing what Kiri deep inside wanted to do. I thought it was my nature to always argue and stand my ground trying to change people’s minds. I even got really angry with my close friends when they told me to pick my battles. I took all of them on. All of them.

I think the tendencies get more evident during holiday season. At least in Denmark. There is this change of air in some way. People smile more, have more time to play, more time to help other people out, more time to see their friends, more energy to enjoy life. It seems like people feel free. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it could be like that every day?

I guess some of you are thinking that I am being unrealistic. I have been called a dreamer many times, but guess what? I feel this freedom every day now. I have made a conscious decision to value health and peace of mind, happiness and fun, honesty, optimism, love, passion, openness and understanding, impact, accomplishment and recognition, spontaneity and freedom, and adventure and creativity. I am allowing myself to feel all this and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I guess my point is that it seems like too many people follow the norms of society saying you get a good life if you; get an education, find a job, find a spouse, buy a car, buy a house, get a dog, get 2-3 children, work 9-5 etc. On the way, passion fades away. What happened to adventure? What happened to following your heart? Is this 9-5 job that only allows for happiness and freedom 3-5 weeks a year the only way you will ever be able to make money? Are you going for comfortable or AWESOME?

I know that following your dreams can be pretty scary. I am doing it right now and I keep trusting my instinct, trusting my ideas. And I’ll tell you a little secret. I have not been this happy and calm since I was a little child playing in the woods. I am certain that things will work out. Everything in life is abundant and it will come to you if you trust in it.

My friend posted this article the other day: What dying people regret the most (in Danish). If my post didn’t convince you, this article may do the trick.. Be true to yourself, work less, express your emotions, have fun with your friends and just be happy!

Good luck and happy holidays..

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