Journal 28.03.2010


What happened to time???? My God! I have already been in Vietnam for two months now. I have learned to ride a motorbike, still trying to master the amount of patience needed to live here, but on the whole, I actually think I am managing quite well! Having fruit for breakfast every morning and trying to make it to the gym for yoga or running every day keeps me feeling a little bit fresh and healthy, but as me and Nanna talked about yesterday, the heat is horrible. People talk about wanting to go to the hot countries – but you know what? I wouldn’t recommend this latitude.. The past three days, I have been sweating more or less constantly – even when I don’t move. So yesterday Nanna and I decided to find a café with air conditioning, simply to make our brains function properly. We chose one, but realised that the aircon was off. It actually resulted in both of us feeling as if we had a fever. Horrible… So we went to a different café and yet another. Nice way to spend an entire Saturday, huh? 🙂 Well, at least we were productive and both managed to complete the task we aimed for!

Yeah, as you can see Nanna is mentioned a few times above… She flew in on Wednesday and went directly to a very posh party in a huge mansion with all the delicious food you can dream of and lots of drinks and nice people. Not exactly the worst way of starting 3 months in Vietnam.

On Friday I went to a wedding, one of my dearest colleagues was getting married. It was amazing. They had rented the top floor of the Rex Hotel in the centre of the city, such a nice location, and again, lovely food – except for the unsalted butter…….! And as always, everything is lucky in Vietnam, luckily, as the first rain dropped like a bomb from the blue sky only a few minutes after the ceremony. It rained for about 10 minutes, stopped and started again for a short while. Since then, it has rained for a few minutes every day and the flooding is already starting in some areas of the city. I am dreading the floods as the water can affect the start cable on the bike and it can be hard to start it sometimes.. I just got that problem fixed, so I hope that I can avoid too many puddles and little lakes around in the streets!

I think that will be all for now. The heat is starting to catch on and my brain will stop functioning in just a few seconds 🙂 Take care and have fun!

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